Hypnotherapy can help you feel better

Hypnotherapy is gentle, compassionate, and backed by science.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety & depression, quit smoking, lose weight, live with pain, eliminate phobias, and more.

Wholehearted Hypnosis offers one-on-one appointments and home hypnosis programs. 


About hypnosis & hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is safe and effective. It has been proven to help improve mental wellbeing in many areas.

With hypnotherapy you can quickly learn how to:

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Common hypnotherapy treatments

Appointments available in noosa & online

Professional hypnotherapy

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Online via Zoom

We can work together wherever you are. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

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Noosa clinic

If you live in or around Noosa, we can work together in person in my private clinic space.

Adam Stanecki - hypnotherapist
Your hypnotherapist

Meet Adam Stanecki

Adam is a fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist and Ericksonian psychotherapist.

Adam has been involved in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years having held positions as a massage therapist, personal trainer, gym owner, business coach, mentor, NLP practitioner, and martial arts instructor before moving into clinical practice.

Hypnosis at home

Feel better fast with these home hypnosis programs

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Overcome anxiety

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Confidence boost

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