About Wholehearted Hypnosis


Wholehearted Hypnosis is a clinical hypnosis (hypnotherapy) practice based in Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

The practice provides one-on-one clinical sessions, online programs, and events that combine hypnosis, mindfulness, and other proven methods to create a rich and meaningful life for clients of all ages and backgrounds.

About Wholehearted Hypnosis
Adam Stanecki - hypnotherapist

About Adam

Wholehearted Hypnosis is owned and operated by Adam Stanecki.

As a child, Adam began studying the martial arts, starting a lifelong obsession with wellness and putting him on the path of continued self-betterment.

Over more than three decades, Adam has studied Eastern and Western philosophy, psychotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, hypnosis, fitness, NLP, and coaching.

Today, he works with individuals, groups, and organisations to help them live and work together harmoniously and wholeheartedly.

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I wouldn’t be where I am today without Adam. Moving past my own baggage and self-imposed obstacles, getting clear on what I want and being accountable for my own success are lessons that I’ll keep with me for life.

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