Calm Childbirth With Hypnosis

Wholehearted Hypnosis can help you enjoy the experience of your pregnancy and give birth calmly and gently, and without fear.

Hypnosis can help you:

  • Overcome anxiety & worry related to childbirth

  • Prepare yourself for the experience of childbirth

  • Deeply relax during labour

  • Manage the pain of childbirth

  • Be mindful & connected after giving birth

Wholehearted Hypnosis Noosa - Calm childbirth with hypnosis

“An amazing and extremely relaxing experience – Adam has a knack for connecting hypnosis with clinical and restorative needs and I’m excited to keep using it through my pregnancy. Definitely recommend.” ~ Eliza B.

Wholehearted Hypnosis - childbirth without fear with hypnotherapy

Give birth gently & without fear

Childbirth is a wonderful event. It brings with it a lot of intense thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Hypnosis can help you alleviate feelings of stress, worry, and fear, and help you relax during your pregnancy, the birth, and beyond.

You can also learn how to reduce the effect of pain during childbirth so that you can give birth calmly and gently.

How you can give birth calmly & without fear

Hypnotherapy sessions

We work together over an initial 3 sessions where you learn how to relax deeply, overcome fears and anxiety, and how to manage pain and other physical sensations.

You can either visit my Noosaville clinic or we can meet virtually via Zoom.

Your first session is 80 minutes in the length and follow-up sessions are 50 minutes each.

Your investment is $495

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(Or you can book one session to get started.)

Home program

This program includes a guidebook, videos and audio recordings that give you a purposeful, proven, step-by-step path to a calm pregnancy and gentle birth.

You have access to all materials for life and you can review any and all modules whenever you wish.

This option is great if you cannot attend to hypnotherapy sessions.

Coming soon.

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