Hypnotherapy is a proven, highly effective way to focus on what you can do to get the outcomes you want.

Together, we will work through whatever is challenging you right now, overcome what’s blocking you, and find new ways to achieve your goals.

Ultimately, we can create a path toward the life that you desire.

Wholehearted Hypnosis specialises in:

Wholehearted Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy on the Sunshine Coast

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Wholehearted Hypnosis - Sunshine Coast Hypnotherapy

How hypnotherapy can help you

Hypnotherapy has been proven to assist with many issues including anxiety, various phobias, unhelpful habits (like smoking and excessive drinking), weight loss, confidence and self-esteem, work and sporting performance, life transitions, relationships and more.

At Wholehearted Hypnosis, we will work together to make positive changes in how you live your life. The goal is to see you live your life with all of your heart, fully immersed and content, experiencing joy, and being able to deal with whatever may come your way.

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What you can expect

Hypnotherapy is a very personal experience. So, you can feel comfortable knowing that your Wholehearted Hypnosis sessions will be all about you. You will find new ways to work through any issues that are challenging you right now.

Many people report that the feeling of hypnosis is calming, comforting, and enjoyable. You can expect to notice new sensations, make new connections, all while feeling a deep sense of relaxation and ease.

All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis. So, you can feel safe, and be curious about what you can really discover with an open, curious mind.

You can book your first session online or call for more details.

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