Hypnotic healing circle

The Hypnotic Healing Circle is a unique opportunity to experience the healing power of trance in a safe, supportive group environment.

Each Hypnotic Healing Circle has its own energy based on the people who participate. Everyone is given the opportunity to share and to give support. And, together, we shift our awareness to access the therapeutic space we call trance. You can choose your own path in the circle, sharing only as much as you wish.

This event is presented with compassion, love and kindness to help you access your own inner wisdom and resources.

What to expect

  • A calm, supportive space
  • Like-minded people
  • An opportunity to experience trancework
  • 90 minutes to focus on yourself
  • A shift – big or small – that improves your life
Hypnotic Healing Circle by Wholehearted Hypnosis
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Next event: Friday, 28 May, 6:30pm

Adam Stanecki - Clinical Hypnosis Noosa

Meet your guide

Adam Stanecki is a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist with a keen interest in unlocking everyone’s inner healing abilities. He is compassionate and intuitive, and able to create a safe, supportive safe for individuals to do their own inner healing work.

What a wonderful healing circle. Thank you Adam for creating a safe space for us to heal.

I felt really well after the session, a general sense of wellbeing that still pervades. I feel that a huge healing took place in the most gentle of ways!

 – P.