Hypnotherapy to
Quit Smoking

Hypnotherapy is widely respected as the best way to quit smoking. 

With hypnotherapy, you can quit smoking without withdrawals, without weight gain, and without guilt.

With hypnotherapy, you can eliminate the triggers and the cravings, erase your smoking habit, and find new ways to relax.

You can quit smoking quickly and easily with one-on-one sessions or with self hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

The keys to quitting smoking for life

Quitting smoking can be quick and easy.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried before and been unsuccessful.

The keys to quitting smoking for life are:

Quit smoking without any side effects

Big Pharma will have you believe that you will suffer horrendous withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking. And they will try to sell you gums and patches and sprays. They want to frighten you into buying their products.

In my clinical experience, there has never been a single person who has quit smoking and has had any withdrawal symptoms.

Hypnotherapy is so powerful that when you quit, you will quit so completely that even your body won’t crave cigarettes anymore.

Why hypnotherapy is the #1 way to quit

Hypnotherapy is the best way to naturally quit smoking. You don’t need gums, or patches, or sprays. With hypnosis, you get right to the core of your smoking habit. And you completely remove the need for smoking from your life. For good.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t try to convince you to stop smoking. You already know that smoking doesn’t make sense and that you want to quit. Hypnotherapy magnifies your desire to quit and shows you exactly how to do it.

With hypnotherapy, you are no longer trapped by your habit. Instead, you learn how to quickly change what you do so that you don’t need to smoke ever again.

Most people quit in just one session of 45-60 minutes. You can too.

Quit Smoking Home Hypnosis Program

Want to quit smoking in the comfort of your own home?

Adam's expertise

Adam has an extensive history helping people achieve lasting health & wellness.

He has experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), massage, personal fitness training, gym instruction, martial arts, mentoring, and coaching; all on top of his hypnotherapy and psychotherapy work.

Adam estimates that he has helped thousands of people in nearly two decades of practice.

Adam’s approach to smoking cessation is to focus on the benefits of becoming a non-smoker. His approach is non-judgemental. He looks at all aspects of the smoking habit so that the shift is lasting.

Adam Stanecki - hypnotherapist
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Your sessions at Wholehearted Hypnosis include a modern approach to hypnotherapy combined with mindfulness-based techniques and Ericksonian psychotherapy. All designed to help you quit smoking as quickly as possible.

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We can work together wherever you are. All you need is a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

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If you live in or around Noosa, we can work together in person in my private clinic space.

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